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USA Nails Receives Brilliant Praise For New Album 'No Pleasure'

USA Nails put their stamp on the burgeoning London punk scene in early 2014 with a series of ferocious live shows and a slew of demo tracks. Their Album 'No Pleasure' offers a smarter, grittier and catchier racket than previous releases.

"'No Pleasure' has a red eyed life of its own; road-worn and irritated, its rabid face pressed against the glass" 4/5 - The Skinny Magazine

"A satisfyingly primal experience, and a second solid ode to punishing brute force." 6/10 - Loud and Quiet

"The blistering power and energy being each of the 11 tracks is something to behold." 7.75/10 - Alt Dialogue

"Basically, this is a real chandelier swinger of an album." 3.5/5 - Already Heard

"Don’t let the name fool you, this album will undoubtedly deliver in the department of pleasure, as long as your idea of pleasure is pure, pandemonium." - Toxic Online

"'No Pleasure’ is business as usual with a few tricks thrown in, like the unwinding guitar motif that splits open the record’s fifth track" 7/10 - Norman Records

"An exceptional, vital and disturbing record." - Keep It Fast Magazine

"Everything on this album sounds like it’s been drenched in grainy distortion, but I like it like that"- All The Bee's Are Dead

"'No Pleasure' is rich with songs best played as loud as possible." 7.5/10 - The Line Of Best Fit

(Photo by Bart Pettman)