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Blacklisters Recieve Great Reviews For New Album 'Adult'

Blacklisters have earned a reputation as a formidable live act through aggressive, confrontational performances riddled with dark humour, drawing comparisons to The Jesus Lizard and Pissed Jeans. Over the past few years, the Leeds quartet have deservedly earned their reputation as one of the UK's most confrontational and aggressive live acts.

Blacklisters new album 'Adult' is a clear progression for the band, and demonstrates a growing confidence in their song writing and performance, from the abstract art-noise to the unrelenting, brutally minimalist riffs that first put them on the radar.

"'Adult' Blacklisters' second full length is BRILLIANT" 5/5
Buzz Magazine

"'Adult' is everything a noise-rock record should be: irresistibly perverse, primal and exhilarating" 5/5
Narc Magazine

"Once again frontman Billy Mason-Wood's anguished howls sound like a man performing an exorcism on himself"
Rock Sound

"'Adult' is a cynical punch in the face accompanied by a sardonic smile." 3.5/5
Angry Metal Guy

"They are surely one of the best bands in the country."

"The insane amount of fire and passion they put in to their tracks is second to none." 7/10


"'Adult' is a well-executed slab of dirty, angular noise-rock guaranteed to please." 8/10

Grave Press

"A savage, snarling beast of a record.." 7/10

Clash Music

"'Adult’ has a grit and honestly that’s largely lacking in modern music"

The London Economic.

"‘Adult’ certainly marks a development from their debut." 10/10

Whisperin and Hollerin