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Kerrang! Review USA Nails New Album 'No Pleasure'

Fancy drowning in corrosive noise? Take a bath in some USA Nails. 

Imagine is a pheumatic drill and a Marshall stack had a baby. That baby would still only be half as noisy as the second album from London noise fiends USA Nails.

No fixing what wasn't broken, 'No Pleasure' revels in nosebleed-inducing rushes of cacophonous drums and yelped vocals that take a backseat to guitars squealing for dear life. 

Ironically, though, this chaos can tend towards uniformity. It's saved only by its raw intensity and glimpses of Sonic Youth levels of inspired aural mayhem. But, will this bring you pleasure? If you like your music as pulverising as a frag grenade, it will.


By James Mackinnon