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The Skinny Review USA Nails' Album 'No Pleasure'

Let's get it out of the way: USA Nails are a post-hardcore supergroup featuring members of the British underground scene's finest acts of the past decade, including Oceansize, Future Of The Left, Kong and Silent Front. However, while their previous effort 'Sonic Moist' sounded a bit like a side project, 'No Pleasure' has a red-eyed life of its own; roadworn and irritated, its rabid face pressed against the glass.

Out the window went the awkward techy moments replaced by a mix of Drive Like Jehu headbangers, nods to psychedelia and a throttling of hardcore for good measure. In fact it's the sharp injecting of speed that stands out, the album's midpoint "Laugh If Up" hammering home the maniacal nature of 'No Pleasure', while the amp-hissing closer "I Cannot Drink Enough" sends the album into a psychotic delirium.

By Jon David