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Narc Magaine Review USA Nails' Album 'No Pleasure'

Starting to feel a little burned out on the last Metz album? Still in need of something to replicate that special slamming head first into the concrete whilst downing bleach mood? Well, USA Nails have got you covered.

On their new album 'No Pleasure', they squeeze in a plethora of ground-shaking riffs, battering ram drums and utterly horrified shouting into thirty-three intense minutes. The obvious criticism is that there's not much here that hasn't been done before (and often), but if you need a short burst of unashamedly ugly and nihilistic noise rock in your life, you could do much worse: just flick onto the furious "Palm Them Off With Me" or the robotic anti-funk of "Automated Cyst" and brace for impact.


Words: Mark Corcoran-Lettice