Smalltown America


Loud & Quiet Review USA Nails' New Album

USA Nails make the kind of raw, punishing racket you'd expect from collective broken off from Oceansize, Hawk Eyes, Kong, Future of the Left, Silent Front and Dead Arms. And if their debut album, 'Sonic Moist', was all about taking the direct route, little has changed with the bludgeoning energy of 'No Pleasure'.

From the distant speakerphone vocal and slashing guitar of "Automated Cyst" to the rampaging two-minute pummel of "Make Me Art", this is the soundtrack to a bad day, amplified by manic delivery and tight, frictional guitar. Plain-speaking in style and substance, the Mclusky-esque "I Am In A Van" and the cicle-pit-inducing "Cannot Drink Enough" hit with the straight-fisted bluntness of their titles. Elsewhere, "Laugh It Up" launches into chugging hard-edged punk chords and breakneck percussion as it thrashes itself into a relentless two-minute oblivion. It makes 'No Pleasure''s risible sequence of short, sharp, brutal stomps almost physical. Like a backstreet kicking on the way back from a small-town pub, its a bruising but satisfying primal experience.

By Reef Younis


(Photo by Bart Pettman)