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Stream USA Nails New Album 'No Pleasure'

USA Nails put their stamp on the burgeoning London punk scene in early 2014 with a series of ferocious live shows and a slew of demo tracks. Their debut release ‘Sonic Moist’ followed shortly afterwards. Born through a mutual love of all things noisy, raw and sickeningly filthy, USA Nails brings together members and ex-members of Oceansize, Hawk Eyes, Kong, Future of the Left, Silent Front and Dead Arms. Opting for a more stripped back approach to their other outfits, Nails adopt a strict policy to not over-think their music. Choosing raw energy, intensity and mood over technical expression.

The boys have now returned with their latest instalment of noise-rock-punk-psych: 'No Pleasure'. FFO The Jesus Lizard, Wire and Neu, the quartet have crafted a record that sits comfortably among the work of contemporaries like Pissed Jeans, Destruction Unit and Institute. The band comment: 

'We had a lot of fun making this record and we're mighty proud of it. We have just come back from a 10 date European tour across the UK, France, Belgium and Germany where we played the whole thing in it's entirety every night. Hardly anyone walked out or threw bottles at us, so it's probably not totally crap. Probably get a Rio and a set of curried snags down you while listening for max enjoyment.'

'No Pleasure' is available released on 6th Nov. Order now on special edition vinyl, CD and digital formats:





(Photo by Bart Pettman)