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Jetplane Landing Feature In Chordblossoms Top 10 Albums Of 2013

NI Albums 2013 - #2 Jetplane Landing 'Don't Try'

The revelation that Derry natives Jetplane Landing would be returning from their hiatus was treated like the second coming locally and boy did they deliver. Frantic, ferocious and often fiery ‘Don’t Try’ goes against the grain of band’s generally mellowing out in later life. It is the sound of a band staying true to their post hardcore roots, ignoring all pre-tenses and producing one of the finest releases from Northern Ireland in a long time.

From the opening chainsaw riffs on “Cheapskate Tricks for Worn Down People” to the raging closer “Magnetic Sea” there is simply no filler. Plus “My Radio Heart” has one of the most immediate and re-callable of choruses released in anywhere last year and serves as further proof that the four piece are still a force to be reckoned with. Bands on hiatus take note; this is what you call a comeback.

“My Radio Heart” will be seen as the key track by many but it is hard to look past the wicked tongue in cheek humour, wrecking ball sized riffs of “Beat Generation…Ha”. A blazing light on a record filled with big moments.