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Artrocker Reviews Carnivores 'Let's Get Metaphysical'

"It's raw, powerful and once you press play, it cannot be ignored." by Artrocker

Let's Get Metaphysical is a work of complete rock fury. This three-piece from Scotland absolutely know what their doing and this album is nothing short of amazing. I absolutely love that the vocalist, Kenny Leckie has retained his Scottish accent throughout; I think it adds a personal touch and it makes his delivery a lot more natural. Sometimes I find bands who come from places that garner a regional accent try and Americanise themselves or try and sing with well spoken English accent; it always completely destroy my listening experience, like they're not being who they genuinely are and denying where they're from in a bid to sound universally palatable. Fuck that, Carnivores know, just go listen to the album, there's very little point to me trying to sell you this in a review because the music really just speaks for itself. It's raw, powerful and once you press play, it cannot be ignored.

Lately I've been moaning to my friends that a lot of music doesn't have a lot of meaning, in a socio-political sense. It feels like people are affected so negatively by governmental policies and the economy but no one is really voicing their concerns but with Carnivores I've found a bit of hope. They may not be calling for a revolution or so politically charges that their lyrically content is based on bitching simply about the state of affairs in the world at the minute but I've read that this album is about the past generations who built this world and how the generations following are treating the world in an irresponsible fashion. This is most evident in The Second Wave of Yuppie Scum as the lyrics states: We swim through oceans of glass/Roll with the punches and insults that you throw/We stand three against one/You picked your on battle with regional war on us/You're not one of us."

My wee mind has been absolutely blown, just drop absolutely everything you're doing right now and listen to this album, you're life will be seriously enlightened, not if but when you do. GO!