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We Versus The Shark - Podcasted, Tourin', Generally Sharkin' Around

A particular highlight of their set came in the form of their take on Radiohead's 'Idioteque'

Clone Quartet: New Sound And Live Outing

Wonder no more. Here be news direct from the Camp CQ.

Subba Chat With One Of Irelands Best Exports, The Loved-By-Zane-Lowe Fighting With Wire

"I realised very quickly that ambulance people do not know what a Stone Cold Stunner is" - Cahir

This Ain't No Christmas Hamper

Public Service Blogcast Episode 10

Top 50 Northern Irish Songs Of AU's Lifetime

Jetplane Landing, And So I Watch You From Afar, Fighting With Wire, Oppenheimer and LaFaro all make up AU's Top 50 with the latter's "Tuppenny Nudger" topping the poll.

Out On A Limb 5th Birthday Celebrations

One of Ireland's finest independent labels Out On A Limb - has announced their fifth birthday party celebration.

Public Service Blogcast Episode 9

And So We Welcome Them From Afar...

"With this alliance solidly forged, a debut album waiting to be unleashed and our unbreakable will to make the most tantalizing, new music out there - the world may yet spin backwards due to our uncompromising sound.”

NME Review 'Wrecked Angles'

'This is Les Savy Fav doing Captain Beefheart, a totally unpredictable racket that, for this very reason, is double-mega'

Public Service Blogcast Episode 8

Kerrang! Review FWW XFM Session

'Colossal melody hooking in your brain and determinedly dragging it wherever it feels like going.'

A Little Solidarity...

Friends of ASIWYFA show their love and support in Belfast over 3 days

Public Service Blogcast Episode 7

Public Service Blogcast Episode 6

More interactive content

Rock Sound Magazine Live Review Of ASIWYFA

'Axe wielding mad men' - 9/10

Public Service Blogcast Episode 5

Public Service Blogcast Episode 4

Rock Sound Magazine Live Review Of FWW & General Fiasco

"I fingered Madonna" - Cahir 'Aggressive and honest' - Rock Sound - 8/10

Subbacultcha Review This Ain't No Picnic

'Horseshoe moustaches - why was there so many of them?'

NME 'Review' FWW Live

"A trainwreck of unrivalled shite" - the infamous live review!

Andrew Ferris & Daniel Fawcett on STA and This Ain't No Picnic

"I suspect it involved buckets of both red wine and boundless optimism" - Daniel

Public Service Blogcast Episode 2

Brum Live Review FWW

'The night ended with an awesome assault of noise that left the crowd hoarse with appreciation'

Blog Posts Are Like Buses...

Festivals, Festivals and 4 new STA releases

Kerrang! Review Fighting With Wire Supporting You Me At Six

'Think Foo Fighters at their most barn storming.' - KKKK

Kerrang! Review Fighting With Wire At Reading & Leeds Festival 2008

'Pausing only to offer some, ahem, condolences on the break up up of Reverend And The Makers, The Irish lads simply cannot fail.' - KKKK

Cahir's Top 5 Mavericks In Kerrang!

"It's a place filled with beautiful women, but as soon as they open their mouths, it's game over."

Public Service Blogcast Episode 1

Bham Review "All For Nothing"

'Chunky euphoric riffs'

Kerrang! Interview FWW's Cahir

"We're not interested in being famous for five minutes and fucking someone from Hollyoaks" - Cahir

Room 13 Review FWW Live At Reading & Leeds 2008

'At one stage the Irishman begins to mourn the tragic news of Reverend And The Makers breaking up, pleading his sincerity before declaring that their album was a nine carrot gold chunk of shit and did anyone actually get what they were about anyway?'

FWW's Cahir Talks To Big Cheese Magazine

"We're like a creepy travelling Irish gypsy family with songs and strange names." - Cahir

Rocksound Magazine Review Fighting With Wire's 'All For Nothing'

"Their biography says that they're from Derry, where I almost got killed once for saying 'Londonderry'." - 8/10

Exclusive Premier Of 'Sugar' By FWW

Video Exclusives Brighton Style


'If Moqwai had grown up in a conflict raped warzone, they'd probably sound like ASIWYFA'

Kerrang! Review Fighting With Wire At Truck Festival 2008

'The Fighting With Wire round the rock front up with the taut riffing and melodious invention for which they are due more recognition.' - 4/5

Fighting With Wire On The Road AGAIN!

Kerrang! awards show with glitch-prog-hardcore monsters Rolo Tomassi. Pretty cool, huh?

Drowned In Sound On Calories

Truly stirring indierock that's got plenty in common with the straighter-faced bands on Dischord's roster

FWW In Kerrang! Radio's Top 10

FWW's "Everyone Needs A Nemesis" in Kerrang!'s Top 10 singles you should hear NOW!

Kerrang! Review Fighting With Wire At Truck Festival 2008

'Fighting With Wire round the rock front up with the taut riffing and melodious invention for which they are due more recognition'

Hello To Hooray For Humans

"blissful counterbalance between boy/girl shouty pop, sensitive indietronica, big choruses and fun times; think Mates Of State, Fiery Furnaces, Q And Not U and you're there"

AU On ASIWYFA's 'Tonight The City Burns' Project

"It's about solidarity, about pushing not only ourselves but Northern Ireland as a whole." - Rory Friers

AU Magazine 'In the Studio' With ASIWYFA

"We couldn't be happier with the set of songs we've chosen to record for this. We're feeling pretty confident at this stage. We don't want to be jumping the gun, but we certainly feel it is our strongest collection to date" - Tony Wright

This Ain't No Picnic - Sunday Headliners + Lots More!

"computer noise, high energy beats and their love of American New Wave oddballs Devo to create a heady, energising sound that they dub "technicolour pogo punk". We're not going to argue with that."

Hotter Than An Austrian Dungeon

O'Doherty's impassioned guitar freakouts on the more unconventional offerings, are both engaging and entertaining. Catch them before they explode.

Rock Sound Magazine Review 'Dirty Versions'

'Bold basslines and hip-shaking beats' - 8/10

An Emergency - Pre-hibernation Shows Start Tonight!

However, we should stress that there's no 'bad blood' or 'creative differences' at work here, and the band's attitude has always been and remains one of never say never,

ZOO Magazine Review FWW At One Big Weekend

What a bunch of tits...