Soundshock Live Review Of FWW & LaFaro

'Fighting With Wire is a band that knows how to impress a crowd in every way.'

It says a lot about the music scene in Dublin when bands from the North come down to rock the place for one night and make such an impact. The show started later than expected due to typically late equipment and stage preparation. Think Tank has only recently allowed bands to play, and rightly so because the sound was crisp, and it's one kickass venue.

First on the bill was LaFaro, kicking off the night with a dynamic performance, although the crowd remained completely dead for the entire set. They didn't let this affect them however, as they rocked the tiny venue with their catchy, energetic tunes and evident passion for what they do best, play great rock music. They bantered between each song, creating a good connection with the fans who eventually loosened up and tried to enjoy themselves - but they were all clearly here for one thing.

Derry's Fighting With Wire could liven any room with a booming riff from front man Cahir O'Doherty, and his on-stage guitar freak outs that make FWW so young, so fresh and so entertaining. They took the stage and demanded the crowd move to the front, and the stage front was quickly crowded with die-hard FWW fans who seem to follow these boys around the world. They boomed out some of their huge tunes from 'Man vs Monster' and flew through a set with consisted of hits such as "Strength in Numbers", "Last Love Song", and "All for Nothing". O'Doherty seemed to drain out every bit of energy he had in his body with a performance that would put any vocalist to shame. As well as belting out his ever-impressive vocals, he turned the show into a comedy set causing laughter to bounce of the walls as he mumbled on about irrelevant nonsense along the lines of  "Iggy Pop selling car insurance?..What is the world coming to?!". Fighting With Wire is a band that knows how to impress a crowd in every way. The entire room was captivated by their music, and as this was only the second night of their UK and Ireland tour, there is no doubt that the remainder of the dates will go freakishly well for these guys.

- Mary Harte, Soundshock