Rock Sound Review PSB #5

'You won't find a fiver better spent.' - 7/10

Sure, anyone can throw together a compilation. Thanks to the magic of technology, it doesn't take a genius. However, if you're looking to see what new and exciting bands are hiding on our shores, grappling for your attention, then this may well be a good place to start. With 23 tracks you can't expect it all to be good, but hiding amongst the indie-by-numbers are some true gems to whet almost every appetite. Take, for example, the upbeat pop rock of Grand Delinquents, or perhaps progressive hardcore merchants Twofold. others are subtler and don't quite reach out from the pack immediately, like the haunting PJ Harvey-esque Lexxi, but instead leave you with the impression that they will grow on you in time. With the proceeds going into putting out more goods on the inevitable PSB#6, you won't find a fiver better spent.

7 /10

- Richard Pitt, Rock Sound