Jetplane Landing Live Review: 4/5

You Simply Must See This Band

Recording and releasing on their own independent label, touring is their primary means of promotion and as a result, preposterously lengthy tours are commonplace. Consequently JPL are a red-hot live outfit; passionate, competent, energetic and a joy to behold. They're encouraged in no small measure by the throng of hardcore fans down the front, all intent on raising the temperature and singing along to every last word. Then there are the songs themselves. The Violence, I Opt Out and Effect The Change all come at you like a Juggernaut, completely unrelenting.

Andrew Ferris is an impassioned frontman, singing every word as if his life depended on it, whilst Cahir lays waste to his guitar and the stage around him, unable to stand still for a second; it's both a visual and sonic pleasure. Introducing forthcoming single ''Brave Gravity'', Andrew informs the audience that if they want to see these 'crazy Derry fuckers' (his words, not mine!) on Top Of The Pops, go out and get yourself a copy. You heard the man. 'Revolutionary Rock' and What ''The Argument Has Changed'' are pulled from their debut, but it's the material from 'Once Like A Spark' that really hits home. ''Calculate The Risk'' is quite simply one of the best fists-in-the-air rock songs in recent years.

And so with their live reputation unquestionably intact, JPL leave the crowd satisfied, exhausted and already anticipating their return. You simply must see this band.

Rating: 4/5

- Alan Maguire, 96FM