The Downloader Review 'She's A Rebel'

'Why doesn't pop music sound like this anymore?'

Why doesn’t pop music sound like this anymore? It’s a travesty that what masquerades as chart music today is either some trend-fixated major label rock wet-dream (wave hello The Kooks!) or some plasticised pop sugarbabe with more stylists than an Atlantic cruise liner. Especially when stuff like this is being written and recorded for the price of a bag of crisps.

"She’s A Rebel" is delicious. A sprightly strain of organic American alt-rock that bounces infectiously between the stools of Pavement, The Magnetic Fields and much-underrated alt-pop luminaries The Promise Ring. Its four-minutes of melodic, funny, intelligent alternative pop that should by-rights establish The Young Playthings as the most essential band of 2006.

- Geoff Temple, The Downloader