Drop - D Magazine Feature On FWW

'What Rock 'n' Roll is really all about'

The day you realise that you're getting old is a hard fuckin day to stomach. It's ok that you've hair is thinning, it's ok that you can't run as fast, it's even ok that you can't dance to save your life anymore. But what really sucks is goin into a pub to see a band and be the oldest person there by about seven years, except for one or two, but me thinks they were connected with the band.  

It's a lonely feeling, being the old guy at a young rockers gig, even the sight of the emo chicks did nothing to liven up the soul. This must be what it's like to be Jim Carroll.


Think Tank, the venue with the second worst name in Dublin, first has to be the Button Factory, tonight plays host to the North's new great rock hope Fighting With Wire. If you ain't heard of these then you ain't obviously buying Kerrang! anymore, shame on you. Didn't you know that it's the only music magazine in the world who's sales are actually going up every year.


Anyway, we're here now so may as well make the most of it, get a beer chill out, watch the band and it's only €13 to 2 beers, nice.


Stop it, Jesus I'm goin on like an old man.....Recently I had an interview with FWW's frontman Cahir O'Doherty and it was a pure treat to talk to a young man in a rock band that really believes in what he's doing. He's also adamant that bands should always give band to the community that they come from, something other famous Northern bands claimed to have done but haven't at all, with the exception of the wonderful Therapy?, (new album on the way, we're told).


So what do they sound like, well, ya know that video for the Feeder song a few years back where everyone is playing air guitar Just a Day, RTE used to use it as their sign off on Network 2 at night, well if you take the essence of that video, then you've got FWW's sound. (And if anyone's got something against Feeder then you've forgotten what rock and roll is really all about). Three lads making a massive racket and having the craic while doing it.


The band race through a set that only feels like about 20 minutes, most songs taken off their debut 'Man Vs Monster', it's been out a while now and the finishes touches should just about be being put on their anticipated follow up.


"Make a Fist" and "All for Nothing" are the kind of tracks that Sky Sports should hijack and have on their end credits for soccer games, all adrenaline and attitude. New single Sugar goes down a treat. The crowd, however, remained a problem. Cahir certainly has the balls to be a good frontman, maybe if they'd another six-stringer he could really get into the role more. But the crowd suffers from the typical Dublin disease, everyone just stands there, jaws open and doing nothing, well with the exception of a few heads in the front row. No dancing, no moshing and not a pogo in sight, ya know soon bands are gonna do tours of Ireland and leave out Dublin coz the audience participation is so fuckin bad.

- Paddy Murphy, Drop-D