Artrocker Reviews The Young Playthings Live

Weezer-ish anthems and Fugazi's darkest, most romantic moments.


Squirming on the stage the size of a stamp, The Young Playthings are an unusual outfit in today's guitar climate.

A three-piece, they play sunshine guitar pop that's stuffed with dissonant tangents and twists, flitting with ease between early Weezer-ish anthems and Fugazi's darkest, most romantic moments. There's an almost timeless quality to the music, it's the melodies of a by-gone age presented in a nower-than-now fashion.

The performance is electric too. Writing with passion and self belief, they link songs with breakdowns of math-rock accuracy, adding walls of impact as the songs suddenly crash in. "Hot Sex" (need I explain) stomps along over rumbled bass lines and guitar lines that shriek with energy, whereas their soon to be single "Love You Like That" could be a Buddy Holly song, if it wasn't performed like The Hives.

In a way it's as thought they're the most unfashionable band going. Their songs are filled with positive vibes and a sound straight out of a hardcore obsessed Washington DC and at a time when moody English dissonance is the plat de jour.

They carry it off with unabashed aplomb though, making them one of the dynamic and refreshing outfits currently shredding London's boards.

- Jonathan Falcone, Artrocker

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