Wearenoise Review Mnemotechnic's 'Awards'

"...It’s a stormer and would have you on the dancefloor in seconds."

Shallow Goals’ kicks off Mnemotechnic’s album in style. Full of piss and vinegar, this track stinks up the place in no time. It’s a stormer and would have you on the dancefloor in seconds. It’s over in no time and you’re left reeling.
And that’s kind of the problem here. Throughout the rest of the album, the band never really recover. Every song from there on seems to try to recapture the same level of energy, of fury, but all they manage is to echo it.

The drums are frenetic in most of the tracks and keep things ploughing along. No doubt, at a live show, a couple of drinks would have you bouncing your way through all these songs in a sweaty pit. As a record, song after song starts to merge together. Slight changes in pace and tempo don’t disguise the sheer… sameness of the guitar and vocals. This is a less interesting version of what Les Savy Fav do, I start to wish I was listening to some. I might put some on now. Oh hang on! this album isn’t over yet.

Other vaunted reference points – Nirvana, Sonic Youth, are noticeable by their absence. Echoes of The Rapture here all right, but again, nothing they couldn’t do themselves. The singing sounds so much like a kitten stuck up a tree it makes you want to call the fire brigade, just to get the little guy down and stop his incessant mewing.
I can honestly say that after the opening track, the next most interesting event was when the last track ended and some random track by another group started up. Finally, I thought – a bit of variety.

By Kieran O Keeffe


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