FWW's Cahir Talks To Big Cheese Magazine

"We're like a creepy travelling Irish gypsy family with songs and strange names." - Cahir

"Don't get me started on the current music scene - it's a joke!  Everything sounds the same, everyone looks the same.  It's so boring I just can't help falling asleep."

Its obvious that Fighting With Wire vocalist / guitarist Cahir O'Doherty isn't impressed with the state of music in 2008.  However, the trio, completed by Craig McKean (like O'Doherty he was formerly in Clearshot) and Jamie King (the latest of several bassists the band has had), are bursting with the energy and passion of bands like At The Drive In, Fugazi, Foo Fighters and Kerbdog.  It's not that the humble O'Doherty thinks they're the saviours of rock or anything though, admitting, "I don't think we have a unique sound, we sound more like our favourite early 90s grunge bands."

Forming back in 2003, FWW enjoyed getting onto various shows and tours because of connections that O'Doherty had made in his other band, Jetplane Landing, but things were far from easy for the band.  "It didn't make a lot of difference, I honestly think this band didn't fit in with what was happening in music five years ago.  We struggled for a long tie to be honest."  However, touring hard had built up a loyal fanbase and, with the new album, it's growing.  How do they cope with being in the band together for such long periods?  "We get on so well and that's very important when you have to spend so much time in the back of a wee black van.  The team of people we've built around this band are amazing, we're like a creepy travelling Irish gypsy family with songs and strange names."

This passion for music spills over into their charitable work.  "We think it's important to put something back into the community no matter what your profession is.  We got involved with The Nerve Centre here in Derry, it's a multimedia centre that runs brilliant courses for young people interested in a career in the music industry.  This includes stage production, business management, song writing, instrument lessons, tour managing, performance, studio engineering, sound engineering and much more.  We've picked up a wealth of knowledge over the last few years in different areas of the industry through touring and putting records out.   We think it's important to show that the music industry is a viable career option for anyone who wants in."

When O'Doherty isn't spreading the love of music, he likes to spend time loving his hometown and the surrounding area.  "I like to hang out with family and friends, maybe go to Malin Head  and stop into Farren's Bar (Ireland's most northerly pub) for the best pint of Guinness ever!  Hugh the barman can write my name on the pint.  What a treat!  I'm easily amused."

Heading out on the second half of an intensive UK and Ireland tour in September, the reason the band are finally getting recognition on the back of their mighty debut full-length 'Man vs Monster' is not just the strength of the punk infused melodic hard rock tunes but also the effort they put into the band.  Forget about egos, haircuts and rockstars, FWW know what music should be about.  "We've always stuck to our guns, we've never tried to be something we're not or jump on any fads or trends", explains O'Doherty.  "We've always had a good work ethis and, most importantly, we believe in our songs."

- Amy Russell, Big Cheese