Drowned in Sound Review Fickle Public

We salute our Fickle Public

Glasgow’s Fickle Public are makers of jerky oddball punk, which they pack full of grating lyrical venom and very heavy guitars. That’s not, I hasten to add, heavy as in metal – that’s heavy as in dense, heavy in the sense of ponderous and kinda threatening.

In fact, this is just generally aggressive music; the formula goes something like: crash in; make jabbing slashing biting nasty noise; shout a lot; crash out. Which ain’t, in itself, overtly new; but it’s what you do with it that counts, right?

Right. And what Fickle Public do is take that formula and pare it down into well crafted barbs of aural viciousness. They then deliver said barbs with the kind of aggression that one suspects would leave no man standing after a live show. And that formula makes the formula sound new and refreshing. Anyone who can bring to mind both We Will Be Pilots and Roxy Music has quite clearly found a way to breathe new life into the crash-thrash-repeat genre, and for this we salute our Fickle Public.

- Holliy, Drowned In Sound