Vanguard Online Review 'Looming'

"I have a sneaking fondness for music that sounds like your [record] player is broken..."

I have a sneaking fondness for music that sounds like your [record] player is broken and the brutal repetitiveness of the hammered-on chords and electronics of Negative Pegasus' album sounds had me looking at the player to see if it was stuck. No, it wasn't, and the subtle shifts told me so until the vocals arrived to reassure. It still stayed harsh and unmusical, a proper assault on the ears.

The second track is a little kinder, with a crooned vocal tune in an echo box, over those still-brutal but now tuned, riffs. Third track is even more accessible but hard, riffing along with recognisable melodies. Todd, from the band, claims; "We share the same basic concept, it's all about riffs and echo. Remove the country bits from Creedence and Neg Peg isn't so different, really." With shards and washes of a smashed meringue of electronics mixed through this, most people would be pushed to agree, it is a sonic melange that's hard to exactly define. It stays interesting throughout the threatening album.

Shifting and changing shape all along the journey, we travel from sonic attack to throbbing rock and roll and back. The ever-moving styles and the increasing accessibility keep my ears locked in (or are they just accustomed to the sound and keyed in?) while feedback rolls and waves of synth, drum and guitar crash on my head. It keeps giving and giving. The seven minute long closer, Visitation, is perhaps the most typical track on the album, combining the over and over riffing with the inspiring rock clich's of feedback and circling collapse.

Ross McGibbon - Vanguard Online Official