The Line Of Best Fit Live Review Of FWW

'Tunes and passion in abundance'

Fighting With Wire have a tough act to follow by all accounts. But they do so with ease. Surprisingly they start fairly quietly and take a while to find their feet. With the size of the stage threatening to pull the three-piece apart, it takes constant trips away from the mic by Cahir O’Doherty back to the drum kit to consolidate them. This means that arguably the most entertaining sections of their set are when the band are condensed in the middle of the stage wringing strangulated riffs from their guitars. O’Doherty only really begins to fire on all cylinders when he rants at the audience about Iggy Pop’s dubious decision to flog car insurance or time or something. That out of the way, Fighting With Wire shift through the gears and give the songs the voice they need. If you’re going to be treading the line between Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr and Sugar, then passion is a definite must – as are tunes of course. Digging deep, Fighting With Wire have both in abundance. Once they’ve realigned their course, they’re unstoppable, O’Doherty a mass of flailing hair and clever riffs. Unsurprisingly he finds himself atop the bass drum poised to throw himself off come the closer and the band draw close to rip it up. Get them in a smaller venue and they’d be incredible.

- Sam Shepherd, The Line Of Best Fit