Rock Sound Magazine Review 'Wrecked Angles'

'Truly the leaders of the post-punk pack'

After five years, two EPs and countless live shows, Exeter/Brighton trio An Emergency are finally releasing a full-length into the expectant hands of an unforgiving world. 'Wrecked Angles' truly showcases An Emergency's most poignant and accessibly erratic work to date. Jarring yet smooth, a twisted sense of post-punk melody winds through all 15 spasmodically eloquent short, sharp tracks - discordanlt camoflaged surf rock staccato guitars, sttrong vocal lines, and shuddering unpredictable time signatures rendering the complete unit more perplexing in its fraught experimentalism yet more lucid than ever before. Available in all traditional formats including limited edition vinyl and cassette tape, An Emergency are truly the leaders of the post-punk pack.

For Fans Of: Q And Not U, Hot Snakes, Les Savy Fav


- Rachel Kellehar, Rock Sound