Drowned In Sound On Calories

Truly stirring indierock that's got plenty in common with the straighter-faced bands on Dischord's roster

From ashes, rise… three-quarters of the lamented Distophia – find their debut 'Soda Lake' reviewed here – get their act together for some truly stirring indie-rock that’s got plenty in common with the straighter-faced bands on Dischord’s roster, with plenty of gang vocal sing-along parts and hooks large enough to hang a Great White on. John Biggs, Pete Dixon and Tom Whitfield craft the sort of rock that seems so very simple and effortless on first inspection, but a few times around its evident that this takes skill, technique and years of practise. Or, dumb luck. Whatever’s gone into the two tracks on the band’s MySpace – "A Bear A Bison" and "To Encounter A Deer" – we’re looking forward to the trio sucking more of it up inside themselves and delivering further gems for DiS to dance a quickstep to. Calories could well replace JoFo as our favourite Brummie band of 2008 at the rate they’re going.

- Samuel Strang, Drowned In Sound