Brainfarm Review Jetplane Landing And Els Quatre Gats

Tonight we have been truly blessed

Tonight we have been truly blessed. It's a sheer privilege to be in the room as the Derry rock-machine that is Jetplane Landing moves up about 14 gears, mounting a pre-emptive strike on anything that isn't wicked-bad. Bolstered by the addition of fearless second guitarist Cahir O'Doherty (who takes inhuman delight in climbing anything he can get a foot on), they pummel the crowd into a giddy submission with one of the tightest sets of testifying indie-rock to ever raise its hands in salvation. A reasonable starting point would maybe be a less wussy Jimmy Eat World restricting themselves only to songs that sound like 'Salt Sweat Sugar'. But although Andrew Ferris' lyrics have long words and are often about girls being mean, JPL are simply too much of a live force to be pigeonholed with college indie, ploughing a new riff-heavy furrow reminiscent of Faith No More or Foo Fighters in their better moments. It's loud, it's good, and it encourages all manner of incompetent stage invasions from the Norfolk 'massive'.

What JPL do however share with the emo movement is a boundless enthusiasm for what they do and everyone involved- whether they're thanking the support bands for the 3rd time or bigging up every music promoter in East Anglia, they clearly mean it. Which when all's said and done is pretty fucking cool, and makes even these relatively small gigs seem like more of an event, with a band/fanbase unity which must be one of the strongest around. It's all enough to bring an innocent tear to your previously cynical eye, and you can't help but want these guys to go far, if only in the vain hope of watching them try to talk to everyone in Brixton Academy after a gig. That they have the tunes to do so is evidenced by the astounding closing blast of 'What Has The Argument Changed', possibly the best song to ever blatantly steal lyrics from Trail of Dead.

What’s the word? Get out and see these guys at your earliest convenience. The forthcoming E.P ''Els Quatre Gats'' is a high-quality piece of material, but the Jetplane experience is one best witnessed in the sweaty, bouncing, ridiculous air-guitar playing flesh- it's guaranteed to put a rocking smile on your doubtless already rocking face.

- Loz Pawley, Brainfarm