Logo Review 'There Is No Real Courage Unless There Is Real Danger' - 4/5

"Timeless passion of their self-invented real punk"

We’re rapidly running out of superlatives to heap on Jetplane Landing’s collective heads, whatever we say, it seems, someone has already said. Just how many times can you rephrase a cliché? Probably about as many times as the average band repackages a 4/4 beat and familiar chord progression, which is exactly what Jetplane Landing have NOT done here. Somehow JPL have managed to walk into a land where jazz isn’t a dirty word, lacing both drums and guitars with intricate, convoluted time and mood changes, all the time injecting the perennial optimism of emo and the timeless passion of their self-invented real punk. The uninitiated should note that Jetplane Landing are neither a jazz, emo or punk band, yet here they sound like all three, transcending, reshaping and giving new hope to them all.

Rating: 4/5

- Rick Deckhard, Logo