The List talk about Fickle Public's Live Shows

"Time Changes More Complex Than A Rubiks Cube In The Dark"

Formerly known as Purple Munkie, Fickle Public constantly threaten to break out of the underground, something that might result in them getting the audience they deserve or something that might destroy just what makes them exciting. So far their achievements include a dalliance with Fierce Panda as well as attention from John Peel and a renowned session for Radio 1’s Session in .

With their post hardcore sound, raw punk attitude and time changes more complex than a Rubiks cube in the dark, they are one of the tighets bands around for their style and give a charged performance as anarchic as it is sincere.

Here they present a new sound and line-up, showcasing the wares from their debut album on London Indie label Smalltown [due out] this year. If the album is anything like the Highlanders’ live set it might just result in them breaking out of the circuit.

- John Paul Breslin, The List Issue #519