ASIWYFA, XFM And More Letters.

'This Is The Most Thrilling Racket.

Shortlisted for The XFM New Music Award and now also one of 10 nominees for The Choice Music award for their eponymously titled debut album, And So I Watch You From Afar, hail from Belfast and have been playing together for the last four years. Rory "The Chip" Friers and Tony "The Grounded Pounder" Wright on guitars, Jonathan "The Bearded Dragon" Adger on bass and Chris "The Bigs" Wee on drums released this monster in April 2009. From the album opener "Set Guitars to Kil", this is ferocious stuff, layers and layers of noise and melody. To these ears this is the most thrilling racket to come out of the north since first hearing Therapy? play "Meat Abstract". As a live show this will be mindblowing and it's coming to Limerick on Thursday 11th Feb with guests Maslow and Hope is Noise. Their motto: â??We are the bull, you are the china shopâ? . Their new EP, 'Letters' will be released on 08/02/10 featuring "S Is For Salamander". See them play "Set Guitars to Kill" on the blog

- Eric Fitz,