Drowned In Sound Review Public Service Broadcast #1

This is THE most important unsigned/underground CD compilation of the year. It is called Public Service Broadcast #1, and published on the kickass cool Smalltown America label. Who aren’t based in a small town American.

If your band wasn’t reviewed, it’s because we’ve already seen you, probably didn’t like you, or slept with your girlfriend. Go find out, now, you lazy schmuck.

Fickle Public – They don’t sound like Yo La Tengo, but they like to scream like little boys having their teeth pulled by their naked mothers. Eat Fugazi, swim indie-punk. 1" Volcano – Sludgepop breeds Thurston Moore shaking skeletons in a dirty Scottish cupboard. Kyuss lives in green fields, not deserts. Treebeard – Guitars are not in tune. Mac Superchunk was wrong, Pavement did not eat their own sweaters, they played Beatles songs out of key. Good. The Red Letter Code – Exeter lives with the fear of having too many boybands. Girls don’t like rock but this isn’t rock like girls. Whiney, indie, female-fronted punk pretty girls.

Tybalt – Texas trail is not dead, plagiarism sinks like art on cheap boat. Manic Street Preachers died and Kinesis killed the rest. Dead Or American – Five-piece band wall plays Dischord guitar like onion-stinking Scot. Sounds like David Yow. Mean And Flower – Indie-blatting bass breaks vocal-steamed carousel Buckleyness. Smells like Muse wearing suits. The Party – Funk is like North London devil animals. Punk is like South London stealing copshops. The two don’t mix. The Warren Commission – The Russians killed Kennedy. The Warren Commission had nothing to do with it. Indie girl songs not about dumping boyfriends. Probably. Get lots of indie disco ass. Pure Reason Revolution – Made CD player break. Sounds like toothpaste ad and old bands pasted onto new hype. Solanoid – Skanky, A&R cum-sucking nightmare/dream. Ash killed cool kids dead Star Wars is still kicking the Sub Pop parallel.

Calico – Cay sunk like dead babies chewing on Camden wasps. Don’t scream at the organ grinder, scream at the indie girls, monkey boy. Candy SniperFugazi said they’d appear on compilation. Forgot. Candy Sniper turned up instead. Paper Cuts – Ross from Symposium was rubbish in 1998. Ross from Symposium is still rubbish in 2003. Band sounds like old man pipe-smoking guff nonsense. Hell Is For Heroes got signed for a reason. This is it. Senator – Camouflage-smoking Gang Of Four fans. Should have been beaten up in Slint school of sooth. BarefaceThursday was so last week, Tuesday is the new cool and it just got signed to Vagrant. Cool chunk coco-bashing pop.

Peter White