Slightly Confusing To A Stranger Review 'PSB #5'

"This is love kids."

In keeping the indie dream alive, Smalltown America (based in London!) pump out a 'filled to the maximum minute brim CD-R' (77+ minutes) of artists they (and now SCTAS) feel should be garnering praise all over the globe. In front of us are 23 artists that have each given their songs to Smalltown America's Public Service Broadcast (this being number 5) in hopes of gaining a spark in what major's call "the biz". All proceeds from the limited run of CD-R's (approx. 200) will go into the making of the next installment... . brilliant? We vote a hearty "yes". Why didn't you think of it? We thought the same damn thing.

From the Weezer-esque opening's of Distophia and their offering titled "Shrimpboat", to SCTAS faves Plus Minus (and their "Trapped Under Ice Flows (Redux)") and Piney Gir (who just so happened to release one of our top records for 2004 with "Peakahokahoo") - PSB5 is serving it's purpose, and serving it well!

For every artist you may recognize (Tara Jane O'Neil, Plus Minus) there are 4 or 5 you haven't - and that is what makes "we pumped love into this project" releases so damned exciting. Notable introductions to myself on PSB5 include the eerie Cat Power-ish delight of Lexxi (with "5 seconds"), a twisted, foggy night-of-a-drive offering by 100 Bullets Back titled "The Lost Soul Club (Road Version)" as well as Stories and Comets driving "Hang Yourself" through your stereo-caster that begs to be heard (as I write - it looks as though S&C have shut down shop, and this saddens me).

An all-around superb job achieved by Smalltown America, PSB and all the artist's who contributed an offering. The Smalltown website further pushes the information highway right to your computer screen - this is love kids.

We at SCTAS and STA do live under a common rule: good music needs to be heard. Amen.

- Kaleb, Slightly Confusing To A Stranger