Culture Deluxe Live Review Of The Young Playthings

'Think We Are Scientists only better'

The Pipettes / The Young Playthings / Dan Against the World - July 13th 2006

The Tunnels is teeming tonight with fans of the sound of this summer, all eager to catch a glimpse of the close harmony female trio that the boys all want to date and the girls all want to be - and there's not an Australian car insurance ad in sight! Yes sir, this summer's fashion veers towards the trusty polka dot, and many of tonight's crowd have cottoned-on to this particularly dotty fashion.

However, before the polka frenzy can begin we turn our attention to support act The Young Playthings, touring partners and surprise replacements for the 1990s who have had to cancel at the last minute. The three piece are particularly excited as they have recently lived out a rock n roll cliche and been ejected from a Scottish hotel bar - for smoking. This sets the scene well for the nod to hedonism that is first track tonight 'Going Out and Staying Out' - the sound of Pavement in a moderate hurry. By their third song they've already started paying tribute to the headline act with a chunky slice of doo wop rock.

The Young Playthings comprise dual-pronged vocals from a couple of frontmen it's impossible to dislike. In fact, listening to bassist and singer Jors Truly's mid-song banter you almost believe you're watching an out-take from My Name is Earl. Closing song 'June' (or it may have been 'Tune') brings a fitting end to this surprise sundae, scooping large chunks of Weezer and Pixies-style dumb (yet so much fun) surf rock. They clearly love what they play, it's a shame the near-capacity audience didn't seem quite so enthusiastic. Young Playthings - Think We Are Scientists only better.

- Richard Brown, Culture Deluxe