ASIWYFA's Tony Wright Describes How Their Album Launch Was For Them

"There was a unique sense of unparralled support, the stuff you dream of when you're a kid" - Tony

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What can we say? We are all totally blown away by the response we had on Saturday at the album launch in Mandela. We didn't think anything could usurp the feeling we got after Solidarity, but this did (just!). We really weren't expecting anything like what happened or the sheer wealth of people. Everyone was there, from indie kid, to goth, to metaller, to hip hop fans, to punks. Unbelievable.

We were on stage for about an hour and a half and it honestly felt like we were on for five minutes. There was a unique sense of unparralled support, with every word cheered to the rafters. Even when I (Tony) got to fill out one of two life long ambitions by introducing the band individually! The other ambition was to smash a stratocaster to bits (never been a fan of the ol' strat!) and I know Rory was totally buzzin' off his stage dive, it was expertly executed from where I was standing!

The crowd all helping each other out in the mosh pit was a beautiful thing too, especially when we stopped mid song to tell the bouncers to take it easy, I think they quickly realised once light was shed upon the situation that they were exasperating a problem that they were creating, via their heavy hands. The support line up was almost too good, we actually thought any of the bands playing could have head lined that show, they were all that amazing. I literally cant stress enough how buzzing we all are from it.

It was the stuff you dream of when you're a kid, headlining your album launch in a venue the size of that and 750 people turning up to cheer you on to the hilt! Un-f**king-believable! We leave for tour on friday morning and we cant wait, the hardships of the road, the little nuances that make life on the road so different to everyday things will be made all the more bearable and worthwhile because of Saturday 4th of April 2009. It'll keep us warm in the back of a freezing ex-RUC riot van. Thank you guys so very, very much. Here's to the future... Tony

Photos by Graham Smith and Ramsey Cardy

- Tony Wright, NIMIC