Tangents Review 'Who invented Love?'

'There is something so magically perfect in those songs'

Hot Sex With A Girl I Love

There, that got your attention, didn’t it. Now Jon Pipette introduced me to The Young Playthings ages ago (I think it was after the Pipettes Bush Hall show with Circulus) and he’s been kind enough to send me a copy of their ace new album Who Invented Love?

It’s on Smalltown America records and is out tomorrow. I urge you all to rush down to the record stores, or log-on to your preferred music download site and purchase it post haste. I could be silly and say it’s worth it for the song that gives this post its title alone, but that would be silly and anyway, we’re all far too mature for falling for daft song titles, aren’t we?

Yes we are. Just as well then that the song sounds just exactly like it ought to. Utterly addictive and full of tense excitement with endorphin rushes of guitars that make a delirious racket. The track that follows it is just as fine too, full of organ driven and guitar crunching smooching do-wop of the 21st Century. And look! The press release has the utterly divine good sense to reference it to the appearance of Linda Scott’s "I’ve Told Every Little Star" in Mulholland Drive. And as we all know, that is one of the most perfect pieces of Pop music ever created. I swear, the way that one follows Connie Steven’s beautiful "Sixteeen Dreams" in that movie is inspirational and guaranteed to break any heart that dares to dream of how Pop should be.

There is something so magically perfect in those songs. They capture the very essence of what we perceive as being more innocent times, and yet they are still sensationally filled with the exquisite ache of sex. I guess the Young Playthings kind of tap into that too, but obviously in a more contemporary way. Sweet, steamy, sensual and stormy, "Who Invented Love?" is the soundtrack to my week already.

- Alistair, Tangents