Jetplane Landing's -'Els Quatre Gats' -''deserves chronic listening"- Do something Pretty

Their first faultless record

Jetplane Landing have vastly transformed since the release of 'Zero For Conduct'. Pavement and The Lapse were noticeable influences on their ever-so-nice debut full-length, but now they've mutated into a vicious punk band that radiate importance and deserve chronic listening. Jetplane's technique is clever though incredibly simple, their songs are never allowed to settle into a set routine, instruments are elaborately interwoven, expanding and contracting to create an alarming conflict of sounds.

'Acrimony' is a rowdy frenetic start, with Andrew Ferris driving out his electrifying polemic "I want acrimony and deceit, I want recrimination to fall at my feet" above the blaring beats and severe punk roar of angular guitars that threaten to fall apart at any second. Following that, hurtling along at an exhilarating speed is 'Lights Out' a direct and resolute slab of Fugazi-like ferocity. 'My Fundamental Flaw' is an epic rock dirge that develops into a sonic noise struggle, comparable to the punk thunder of Faraquet. Heavy chords and bass pulses clash with a bombarded drum kit, meanwhile malicious, spite filled vocals, mostly screamed and at times spoken, are energetically belted out at an almost dangerous speed.

Ending with the boisterous "An Upheaval", they complete their first faultless record and seem to lay down their intentions and imminent plans; "We refuse defeat, This is our gathering, We'll fight our limits". This is one of the most essential releases of the year, definitely not one to miss.

- James Moore, Do Something Pretty