Rock Sound Reviews 'Zero For Conduct'

The top of the class is surely in sight

Jetplane Landing might be perched scarily close to the hype machine, but they'll be damned if they're going to let it swallow them up. Penning the lyrics, "This is not revolution rock, it's something much less complex", this Anglo-Irish threesome's debut has its feet firmly on the ground. However, as part of the currently buzzing UK emo-punk movement, Andrew Ferris and Co. needn't be so modest.

Switching between the spiky spoken word of favorite "What The Argument Has Changed" and the gentle contemplation of "A Miracle Of Science" and "The Last Thing I Should Do", this jetplane has all the in-flight requirements that an indecisive rock fan could wish for - and a generous helping of youthful spunk along with it, in classic rants like "fuck you and your opposite sex". Zero For Conduct but full marks for potential, the top of the class is surely in sight.

- Victoria Durham, Rock Sound