Talons Vs ASIWYFA Let The Game Begin

"...The Thriller in Manilla of Post-Hardcore!"

Aaaaaaaand in the Blue Corner… Talons! Aaaaaaaand in the Red corner… And So I Watch You From Afar!


Talons skulk in their corner, then crack out this eerie Viola shit, that says “yeah, you thought we were like Yellowcard? Hell no, we’ve heard of the Dirty Three, you pussies”.

ASIWYFA may well be a little psyched out, after all their intro is a bit more Subterranean Homesick Alien than Sue’s Last Ride.

Then the songs finally kick in, a cheeky two step from ASIWYFA, a bludgeoning onslaught from Talons – couplets on the kick drum and everything! ‘Oh no!’ I hear you cry, ‘It’ll be a massacre!’

Whereas Talons’ "Bethlehem" emerges as a sluggish ghost of post-hardcore (a George Foreman if you will), using the same tired old tricks many have been polishing for years, ASIWYFA’s "D is for Django the Bastard" (what a fucking name, they deserve a medal) is a more nimble Amir Khan – whipcracking them around the face with their tongues in their cheeks and their cocks hanging out.

So my point is, ASIWYFA would probably lose the fight, but their song is better.

But then, they’re probably mates, and probably wouldn’t fight each other anyway.

- Ben, ATTN:Magazine