Big Cheese Magazine Review 'Man Vs. Monster'

'The most essential rock album since 'The Colour And The Shape''

The most essential rock album since "The Colour And The Shape" - 5/5

Fightin With Wire were formed as a splinter group to Jetplane Landing, and whereas Jetplan Landing's last album was difficult and testing (and, ultimately, highly rewarding), 'Man VS Monster' seesJL axe-wielder Cahir take the mic and slaughter out 11 of the most melodic and heavy rock tracks made this century.  'All For Nothing' is the most perfect pop melody, fiercely attacked by dense riffs and rhythms the crash like a dance troupe of massive robots and the refrain in 'Long Distance' kicks Snow Patrol off the face of the planet, exposing them for the talentless Sebadoh impersonators they are.  If you think rock is an art form worth saluting, you need this album.

- Jonathan Falcone, Big Cheese