ASIWYFA Shows Are Value For Money!

the kind of band that make you fall in love with music all over again

ASIWYFA set up their guitar pedals halfway across the floor due to the lack of space on stage, and were therefore as close to the audience as it’s possible to be. After an un-miked vocal introduction, the band launched into the loudest, heaviest, most epic show I have ever witnessed within Head Of Steam’s confined walls. Guitarist Rory launched himself from the throngs of the audience straight to the back wall with such ferocity I thought he might end up in the street, and continued to use every inch of the venue’s (limited) floor space to maximum effect throughout the show. The band’s MySpace headline of “We are the bull; you are the China shop” couldn’t be more true, and the fact that this particular audience consisted of less than 20 people did absolutely nothing to dissuade them from their mission of destruction.

Their music is difficult to describe in terms of what you’ve heard before, as their brutal instrumentals are more like well-crafted soundscapes than actual “songs”, as such. They’re the kind of band that will take you on a wondrous journey through light and shade, soft and hard, thrills and relaxation. They’re the kind of band that paint pictures with every note. They’re the kind of band you like but don’t know why, and more importantly – they’re the kind of band that make you fall in love with music all over again. My only warning is that they’re also the kind of band that won’t fail to give you prolonged hearing damage.

Even as a bystander, with a limited knowledge of the genre, Maybeshewill and …And So I Watch You From Afar are two bands that you’d be stupid to miss. The joint tour is very much still in full swing, with dates upcoming in Sheffield, Leeds, Brighton, Lincoln, Nottingham, Derby, London, Oxford, Norwich, Liverpool, Cardiff, Bristol, Southampton, Birmingham, Exeter… The list goes on and on!

This gig was definitely well worth the £4 I paid on the door, and the reasonable prices for Merch were a bonus! I’m seriously considering going to the Southampton date when I’m down south in a couple of weeks. However, I’ll definitely be taking my earplugs.

- Elliott Clarke, Eltonbear Blog