Plastic Ashtray Review 'Carousel'

'The fun of Pavement fed through an Amiga 500'

Clone Quartet are Northern Ireland’s brightest young hopes. Their double Aside, 'Carousel/Played To Death' (limited to 500 copies) is a real bright and refreshing blast of synth rock. Sounds naff right? No way. Clone Quartet have some really great ideas going on (or round, ho ho ho) "Carousel".

It’s pumping indie dance without a glow stick in sight! Hurray! It’s pitchshifting guitar/synth effect laden backing, it gives it a real thumping stride. Changes of pace and repetitive choppy drumming make this a sure fire hit on the club circuit. Infectious, simple and fun. I couldn’t ask for more. It reminds me of the fun of Pavement fed through an Amiga 500. Awards should be won for most use of the hi-hat since Bloc Party’s debut album.

The other side is "Played To Death" which seems less ‘synthetic’ in terms of hearing some physical guitar. And let me say, loud guitar! Ooh and throw in some police sirens! It’s go the manic desperation of Arcade Fire’s "Win Butler" mixed with a Nirvana like, “don’t care about the cost of thrashing this guitar” spirit.

The Clone Quartet are a tight and unique group who have made a single to wake up any jaded muso. I expect to hear this in all the clubs, FROM NOW ON DJS!

- Pete Stanley, Plastic Ashtray