The Bonnevilles Added To STA All-Dayer

Loud and dirty, The Bonnevilles are one of the hardest gigging bands in Ireland and join us at this year's all-dayer

Being influenced by a vintage garage 'n' blues stew and the Detroit sounds of the 60s means that the Bonnevilles have few peers this side of the Atlantic on the live circuit. But dismiss them as retro copyists at your peril!

Their first record 'Good Suits & Fightin' Boots' (Motor Sounds) took them to support slots with legendary delta-bluesman T-Model Ford, Kid Congo (The Cramps), The Black Diamond Heavies, Bob Log III and Scott H Biram.

The band join us to promote new album 'Folk Art & The Death Of Electric Jesus' a record about "death, rebirth, mourning and loss". A cheery thought from an incendiary act.

The Bonnevilles Official