Public Service Broadcast #7 - Big Cheese

The best of this season's talent

The Public Broadcast series has established itself as a spotter of new talent, bands (often unsigned) send in tracks, the label picks its favourites and puts them on this quarterly compilation. Looking back, you can see the streams of great bands whose first contact with 'the industry' was these comps.


Number seven also looks like it's found the best of this season's talent. We Versus The Shark play punk-pop music with disjointed rhythms and passionate screams whereas Kapowski have mastered [a] skinny emo sound, and stuffed it with fattening harmonies. With plans to end the series at 10, and 25 bands per release, that's 250 bands they've helped and 250 bands the industry should be thankful for, with such a noble service, the only shame is that it's stopping at ten.


- Jonathan Falcone, Big Cheese