The Bands That Built Negative Pegasus

What makes Negative Pegasus sound like Negative Pegasus?

Liking the hypnotic dirge rotations of Negative Pegasus' first single Floating Omen? Appetite whetted for more rhythmic, danceable drones? Jump inside the brain's of Rich, Carla and Todd as they uncover the bands that have informed their sound...

Embodying the same commitment to repetition, Oneida are peerless at combining full on woozy drone with pop song qualities and a truly jaw-dropping ability to jam out the same riff for 10 minutes +. Sometimes all in the same song. Amazing on record, amazing live. May they never stop. We find it important to state that while in support of the notion, we have had no hand in staging the events we are about to uncover in this all out rock action update. PG advised.

Masters of compositions that sound like one thing when they start, then another by the time they finish.

Factory Floor
They turn usually dry electronic drum driven music into something organic and interesting. All the elements pull away from each other, and can definitely be a challenging listen. The best way to listen to most of the bands in this list are to detach from what you're actually hearing, and just kind of go with the beat. Definitely true of Factory Floor, its a rave.

Creedence Clearwater Revival
John Fogarty's composition shows that, most of the time, once you have the riff, you're done, let's play it (for 50 years). Having previously covered “Run Through The Jungle”, Negative Pegasus are covering an entire set of Creedence songs at “BIZARRO WORLD #2” on Saturday 30th June at Fitzherberts in Brighton

Daft Punk
For Negative Pegasus' first BIZARRO WORLD event, it was an obvious choice to step into the chaussures of Bangalter and de Homem-Christo. Famed for playing 'sort-of' live from their occult neon pyramid, the controlled dance rhythms are definitely chanelled through Negative Pegasus songs, and Daft Punk certainly know how to stretch out a jam as evidenced by their 'Alive' cuts.

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