The Backlash Is Building - Kerrang! Feature - Buy Backlash Cop

'The sound of a band in peak form...' Rock Sound - 8/10

Jetplane Landing are featured on this week's Kerrang! Podcast.
'Imagine, if you will, putting Rage Against The Machine and the Chilli Peppers in a blender; then transporting Fugazi and At The Drive-In back in time and space so that they grow up in Ireland - forcing them to drink the aforementioned musical smoothie twice daily. Then you get them to make a concept album that seems to be based loosely around the concept of the greatest black jazz and funk musicians of history replacing the major political movements and figureheads of the last seven decades of American politics....'
Paul Raven - VelcroCity

'After many listens on the STA player, I can cofirm that 'Backlash Cop' is fucking amazing!'
Johnny Goatboy

'The sound of a band in peak form...'
Rock Sound - 8/10

'Forget everything you thought you knew and prepare to have your mind blown.'
Alternative Ulster - 4.5/5

'Jetplane Landing have just blown everyone else off of the map with a genius concept album... '
Subbacultcha - 5/5

'Lofts the flag high for the cause of the independent artist...'
Angry Ape

'A spectacular development and probably the standout full-on rock record of the first half of 2007.'
Sweeping The Nation

Thanks for all your 'Backlash Cop' pre-orders and encouraging emails, all have now been despatched - we hope you're enjoying them! The orders are still coming thick and fast; my postman has a hernia - so if you're having to wait a couple of days extra - please bear with us.

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For international orderers - you can purchase the album via paypal on our myspace. At some point we'll integrate this functionality with the STA store.

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