Rocksound Review Fickle Public's ''Five Four To The Floor''

Talented songwriters applying inventiveness to great tunes

The Story Goes Like This: One gig can change everything.When the boys from Fickle Public turned up horribly hungover to support Jetplane Landing in front of a 20-strong crowd at Edinburgh 's Studio 24 back in April 03, they really had no idea how things would transpire.

"The Jetplane boys made up pretty much a quarter of the audience, theyjust really loved the gig, and then invited us to support them on the next leg of their Scottish tour," recalls Al Ferguson. Support slots soon turned into a record deal when Jetplane's Smalltown label signed Fickle Public, giving the Scottish quartet a much needed "kick up the arse". Says Al: "They believed in us and made us realise that we could actually do something with our music, because up until that point it was really just a sort of hobby."

Someone needed to do it,' cos there's plenty to believe in here. Structured from a drawn-out process of jamming together the basics, deliberately trying to twist rhythms, chopping and changing sections before amalgamating the results into tight, intelligent bursts of alt-punk, Fickle Public's songs are short, sharp, and memorable, but they're in no way simple. Debut album 'Bucko' should drop in February. "So far, what people have heard they really like," says Al. Add Rock Sound to that list.

Sounds Like: Talented songwriters applying inventiveness to great tunes.

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- Tim Newbound, Rock Sound