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Kerrang Advises Not To Miss Blacklisters On Tour

Blacklisters have released their new video for "Shirts", and announced details of a UK headline tour for this winter.

StereoBoard Share Blacklisters Video for "Shirts" And UK Dates

This song, "Shirts", is a song about shirts, about wearing them, about needing them, about loving them. I didn't wear a shirt once and this is what my world looked like. Always wear at least one shirt."

Punktastic Post Video For 'Blacklisters' "Shirts"

The ever peculiar Leeds hardcore outfit Blacklisters have posted the official video for "Shirts", taken from their forthcoming ‘Adult’ LP, due on the 18th September via Smalltown America.

Rock N Reel Reviews Gives Blacklisters The Thumbs Up

“Buried beneath the noise and feedback is a tightly coiled sense of dynamics, punctuated by angular shards of guitar…splendidly fucked up”

Already Heard Features "Shirts" from Blacklisters

Leeds noise-rock quartet Blacklisters have shared their dark and surreal music video for "Shirts".

Blacklisters Release Second Video From 'Adult' As Featured In Demonszone

Leeds quartet Blacklisters have release their second song from their new forthcoming album 'Adult', this time for the song "Shirts"

Blacklisters Announce UK Tour Dates In Vents

The album is a clear progression for the band, and demonstrates a growing confidence in their song writing and performance, from the abstract art-noise to the unrelenting, brutally minimalist riffs that first put them on the radar.

Blacklisters "Shirts" Is Track Of The Day For Glasswerk

Never ones to shy away from making a dark and surreal music video, or a horrific noise, our favourite fucked-up rock quartet Blacklisters have released a nightmarish new video "Shirts"

Upset Mag debuts Blacklisters "Shirts" Video

"This song, "Shirts", is a song about shirts, about wearing them, about needing them, about loving them."

Whisperinandhollerin Unveil New Blacklisters Video "Shirts"

Never ones to shy away from making a dark and surreal music video, the noise-rock quartet continue to push those boundaries a little more with their new video for "Shirts".

Crack Reviews "Shirts" by Blacklisters

If it’s a thunderous wall of stomping, feedback-laced fun you want, you’ll find this deeply satisfying.

Axis Of Live In Camden

A raucous half hour of punk-rock energy bounds through a pit-stop tour of protest songs, straight up rock tunes, and more melodic offerings featuring meandering riffs that are pleasingly well constructed and complex

Blacklisters Video 'Trickfuck' reviewed by Noisey

But, hey, this video is awesomely gross, and this song is really solid, sludgy punk full of heavy riffs, and clearly the world agrees with me based on the many thousands of views this video has gotten.

Chordblossom Reviews Axis Of 'The Mid Brae Inn'

Echoes and Dust Reviews Axis Of 'The Mid Brae Inn'

"Passion. Romance."

Big Cheese Magazine Reviews Axis Of's Album 'The Mid Brae Inn'

"Northern Irish heavy pop trio triumph."

Across The Line Reviews Axis Of "Wetsuit"

"We absolutely love it.”

Captain Christ Reviews Carnivores 'Let's Get Metaphysical'

"Dumbed down, knucklehead music this is not."

No Brainer Reviews USA Nails 'Sonic Moist'

"You can hear the snare drum rattling; its rock music its purest and rawest form."

Encore NI Live Reviews Northern Ireland Prize 2014 Show

Sullivan & Gold and More Than Conquerors putting their best performances at Mandela Hall, Belfast...

Drowned In Sound Reviews USA Nails 'Sonic Moist'

"The rhythm section offers a slight dash of motorik here, a bulky globule of post-hardcore propulsive thrust there."

Local Music Scene Reviews Carnivores 'Let's Get Metaphysical'

Caught In The Crossfire Reviews Die! Die! Die! 'Swim'

"Nearly every track on this album will undoubtedly leave your ears exhausted and your head throbbing."

Pennyblack Music Reviews Carnivores 'Let Get Metaphysical'

"Mainly due to their spiky riffs, broad Scots accents and a leaning towards some fantastic melodies."

Artrocker Reviews Carnivores 'Let's Get Metaphysical'

"It's raw, powerful and once you press play, it cannot be ignored." by Artrocker

Soundly Sounds Features Die! Die! Die!

Die! Die! Die! Gig Review: The Blurst of Times Festival

7 Bit Arcade Reviews Die! Die! Die! 'Swim'

"A whirlwind of raucous guitar riffs and rough vocals"

Louder Than War Reviews Die! Die! Die! 'Swim'

"Consistently tight drumming and guitar work create fragmented songs that waver, quaver and evoke emotion through varied tempos and a melding of shoe gaze, post punk and math rock notions."

The AU Reviews Die! Die! Die! 'Swim'

'SWIM' sits as one of the smartest releases of the year.

Shout4Music Reviews Carnivores 'Let's Get Metaphysical'

"Carnivores’ sophomore record proves more focused than their debut whilst still displaying an enjoyable frayed edge."

Rave Child Reviews Carnivores 'Let's Get Metaphysical"

"‘An upbeat catchy pop-punk song featuring plenty of hardcore riffs mixed in with beautifully contrasting melodies."

Q Magazine Reviews Carnivores 'Let's Get Metaphysical'

"Lyrical foibles let down Glaswegians' mathcore debut."

Music Liberation Reviews USA Nails 'Sonic Moist'

"In a nutshell it's abrasive, obnoxious, relentless, and at times damn right brutal."

The Skinny Features Carnvories 'Let's Get Metaphysical'

"Track jangles pacily through a minefield of Devo jerks, hinting at the stop-start complexities to follow."

Shout4Music Reviews Die! Die! Die! 'Swim'

"Like putting your tongue to a 9-volt battery, each track jolts like a surge of an electrical current, flurries of snare drum and crashing cymbals collide against a searing squall of guitars."

Scottish Fiction Reviews Carnivores 'Let's Get Metaphysical'

"Hardcore headbanging riffs and poppy melodies, the "ba-ba-ba" backing vocals working the latter on the opener."

The Skinny Reviews Die! Die! Die! 'Swim'

"A fuzzy, scuzzy delight."

The Line Of Best Fit Reviews Die! Die! Die! 'Swim'

'The combination of spiky guitar work and sneering vocals begins to sound aimless."

Norman Records Review Die! Die! Die! 'Swim'

"Relentless cavalcades of churning 'n' chiming caustic guitars, breathless anthemic yelling, hard-assed tumblesome drums and a keen melodic sensibility."

Mowno Reviews Die! Die! Die! 'Swim'

"Supported by a high shrill voice still, drowned in reverb giving light paces to pieces yet rabid, it is right that scrolls titles rooted in the same vein line: the colorful punk power pop and garage rock."

Echoes And Dust Reviews USA Nails NEW 'Sonic Moist' Album

"You want noise rockin’, post-punkin’, krautrockin’ blasts of guitar fury? These guys have nailed it."

Keep It Fast Reviews USA Nails NEW 'Sonic Moist' Album

“Operator, I love to see your face pressed up against the glass“. Agitated punk rock spittle.

Off The Tracks Reviews Die! Die! Die! 'Swim'

"A hollow sound, as “arty” as a scribble pattern – brattish lead vocals peeking in from time to time over 50m-dash guitar."

Terrorverlag Reviews Die! Die! Die! 'Swim'

"High speed tempo, 90s Emo, groovy bass lines, shimmering feedback, slightly boisterous vocals and driving drums game draw 'SWIM' from."

Burn Your Ears Webzine Reviews Die! Die! Die! 'Swim'

"Promises including "high-speed pace" and the special appeal that "inner conflict creates tension"."

Alt Media Reviews Die! Die! Die! 'Swim'

"A post-punk album that is both unrelenting and unforgiving in its nature with heavy baselines, jarring guitars and frantic drumming."

Power Metel Dutch Reviews Die! Die! Die! 'Swim'

Under The Radar Reviews Die! Die! Die! Swim

"Explode like the leaked sunlight between heavy black curtains in the middle of the day."

Doubtful Sounds Reviews Die! Die! Die! Swim

"Create a visceral, dynamic and strangely comforting blend of noise and melody, perfectly placing them on the cusp of raw punk rock and post-punk like a nervy and hyperactive Bailter Space."

Rip It Up Reviews Die! Die! Die! 'Swim'

"Rip It Up Reviews Die! Die! Die! Album."