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If Cash Cow is an indicator of what the record will sound like, then we’re keeping a wide eye on the progress of Billy Mason Wood, Dan Beesley, Owen Griffiths and Alistair Stobbart

Hear New Song From Blacklisters On Alt Dialogue

Cash Cow" is the first song to be revealed from their upcoming album 'Adult'.

London Music Hall Reveal Blacklisters New Song

The killer new song from the Leeds hardcore mob goes by the name "Cash Cow", and you can check it out below

Listen To New Track By Blacklisters By Whispinandhollerin

Produced by MJ at Suburban Home Studios (Hookworms) you can listen to the track here:

Cash Cow Is New Track By Blacklisters Reveal TLE

Leeds-based bruisers 'Blacklisters' have earned a reputation as a formidable live act through aggressive, confrontational performances riddled with dark humour,

Punktastic Reveal Cash Cow As New Song From Blacklisters

The album is due for release later this year via Smalltown America, and follows their excellent 2012 album ‘BLKLSTRS’.

Cack & Blabbath Reveal Blacklisters New Song

Significantly, it saw fellow musicians, from 'Biffy Clyro' to 'Pig Destroyer', lauding 'Blacklisters' in the press and on radio.

Blacklisters Release New Track Cash Cow

'Blacklisters' have teased their sophomore album with the release of their new track "Cash Cow".

Blacklisters Are Streaming The First Single From Their Upcoming Album Adult

“We, Blacklisters have finally written a song so commercially viable, that money will literally fall out of the sky and into our eyes."

Little Bear New Single Out 15th July

The band’s first release on Smalltown America is an epic Double-A ‘Night Dries Like Ink / Killer’

Alt Sounds On Negative Pegasus' Debut Single - 'Floating Omen'

'A mix of droning, grinding loops with wild, sheets of guitar feedback to create a malevolent stew of hard-psyche and woozy, drone-garage.'

Supajam On Negative Pegasus' Debut Single - 'Floating Omen'

'Industrial guitar squeals and some pained banshee howls coating cyclic, juddering grooves, the sound of rock n roll locked into an eternal 8 bar loop while the world outside collapses'

Entertainment Focus On Neg Peg's Debut Single - 'Floating Omen'

'Negative Pegasus' sound is a world away from their sunny, seaside home in Southern England... consisting of sheets of guitar feedback floating above primal, pounding drums.'

Artrocker Magazine On 'Floating Omen'

'The band are reportedly influenced by "the consciousness expanding New York repetition-rock of Oneida, the free-time whirl of Sightings, the shamanistic stomp of Knyfe Hyts and the joint-snapping mathematics of KILLL and Zu".'

Rhythm & Booze On 'Floating Omen'

'Consciousness expanding, hard-psych three-piece from Brighton, England. For fans of Oneida, Ex Models and Can.'

OKS' 'Plutonium' In AU News

Our Krypton Son's latest single 'Plutonium' released today