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The Daily Record Review FWW Live

'Fighting With Wire may only be a trio, but their melodic rock still managed to pack a powerful punch'

State Magazine Review FWW In Dublin

'With a cache of quality tunes, a major label deal in the bag and a sojourn in the USA on the horizon, Fighting With Wire seem destined for greater things '

Kerrang! Review FWW XFM Session

'Colossal melody hooking in your brain and determinedly dragging it wherever it feels like going.'

Rock Sound Magazine Live Review Of ASIWYFA

'Axe wielding mad men' - 9/10

Rock Sound Magazine Live Review Of FWW & General Fiasco

"I fingered Madonna" - Cahir 'Aggressive and honest' - Rock Sound - 8/10

NME 'Review' FWW Live

"A trainwreck of unrivalled shite" - the infamous live review!

Brum Live Review FWW

'The night ended with an awesome assault of noise that left the crowd hoarse with appreciation'

Room 13 Review FWW Live At Reading & Leeds 2008

'At one stage the Irishman begins to mourn the tragic news of Reverend And The Makers breaking up, pleading his sincerity before declaring that their album was a nine carrot gold chunk of shit and did anyone actually get what they were about anyway?'


'If Moqwai had grown up in a conflict raped warzone, they'd probably sound like ASIWYFA'

Rock Sound Magazine Live Review Of FWW

"It's hotter than an Austrian dungeon in here" - Cahir

Kerrang! Review FWW Live In Camden

'The Derry trio batter the fuck out of their instruments, attacking their set with a comparable level of honest fury, while never once losing grip on their infectious melodies and impeccable choruses.'

Kerrang! Review FWW Live

'Derry's Fighting With Wire play like they're already headlining stadiums' - KKKK

The Fly Magazine Review ASIWYFA & FWW Live

'Loud and melodic, with each track slowly erupting to a powerful crescendo, sometimes it feels like the soundtrack to every tragic film scene'

Kerang! Give JPL KKKK FOr Truck Festival Performance

'The front row sing along to virtually every word' - KKKK

Rocksound Review Fickle Public's ''Five Four To The Floor''

Talented songwriters applying inventiveness to great tunes

New Noise review Fickle Public - 4/5

Mclusky do the Highlands

Smalltown America Hold 10 Hour Micro-Festival In Aid Of Cancer Research UK In East-London

It's easy to be charitable when presented with a line-up of today's calibre

Neon Promotions Review The Young Playthings Live

Catchy, quirky and ever so musical

Jetplane Landing Live Review: 4/5

You Simply Must See This Band

Jetplane Landing Live review : 'This Is What Being In A Band Is All About'

I Forgot Just How Good These Guys Are Live

Jetplane Landing UK Tour, Review By Feed-Back

Just Don't Touch Any Of Our Beers

File Under White Hot

''There is nothing about them i dont like''

'The Young Playthings Were Exactly What Was Needed' -Mike Shaw

Singing in the rain

Jetplane Landing Live Review 06/10/02

One Of The Best Gigs I've Been To In A Long Time

Live Review Of Jetplane Landing On Their Spring Tour Circuit With Seafood

Ten out of ten for effort