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Fickle Public's Kittens Got Claws Review By Slightly Confusing to Strangers

Attack of the cymbals! Attack of the 15-armed guitars.

FIckle Public's 'Kittens Got Claws' Reviewed By Airwaves Back

I fear fans with unstable hearts would lose their breath and, perhaps, die

AU Magazine Review Fickle Public's "Kittens Got Claws"

'Barbed, punk missives searing through your apathy'

Drowned in Sound Review Fickle Public

We salute our Fickle Public

New Noise review Fickle Public - 4/5

Mclusky do the Highlands

London Rock Daily Review 'Kittens Got Claws'

"Natural and uncontrived, but also deeply ambitious"

Time Out Reviews 'Kittens Got Claws'

"Yay! Proper shouty hardcore punk"

What's On Reviews 'Kittens Got Claws'

"Sheer brilliance"