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Go Join A Band!

I've always been an advocate of Northern Irish bands, and I've seen so many great bands that broke up never getting their dues.

Top 50 Northern Irish Songs Of AU's Lifetime

Jetplane Landing, And So I Watch You From Afar, Fighting With Wire, Oppenheimer and LaFaro all make up AU's Top 50 with the latter's "Tuppenny Nudger" topping the poll.

FWW In Kerrang! Radio's Top 10

FWW's "Everyone Needs A Nemesis" in Kerrang!'s Top 10 singles you should hear NOW!

Kerrang! Review FWW Live In Camden

'The Derry trio batter the fuck out of their instruments, attacking their set with a comparable level of honest fury, while never once losing grip on their infectious melodies and impeccable choruses.'