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Blacklisters to Release First Song

The Leeds quartet – Billy Mason Wood (vocals), Dan Beesley (guitar), Owen Griffiths (bass) and Alistair Stobbart (drums) – will release 'Adult' in the autumn through Smalltown America.

Brum Notes Review a "mad" Blacklisters

Guitarist Dante Beesley’s instrument has the paint worn away in all the right places, after years of furious downward strumming that gives the band a sound somewhere between very early Deftones and Shorty.

Bristol Live Review Blacklisters Live

I left Exchange sweaty and fatigued, yet refreshed at having seen not just a rock band, but a group of genuine showmen. Features Blacklisters

If Cash Cow is an indicator of what the record will sound like, then we’re keeping a wide eye on the progress of Billy Mason Wood, Dan Beesley, Owen Griffiths and Alistair Stobbart

Demonzone Gives First Taster Of Blacklisters New Album Adult

From the abstract art-noise to the unrelenting, brutally minimalist riffs that first put them on the radar.

Hear New Song From Blacklisters On Alt Dialogue

Cash Cow" is the first song to be revealed from their upcoming album 'Adult'.

London Music Hall Reveal Blacklisters New Song

The killer new song from the Leeds hardcore mob goes by the name "Cash Cow", and you can check it out below

Listen To New Track By Blacklisters By Whispinandhollerin

Produced by MJ at Suburban Home Studios (Hookworms) you can listen to the track here:

Cash Cow Is New Track By Blacklisters Reveal TLE

Leeds-based bruisers 'Blacklisters' have earned a reputation as a formidable live act through aggressive, confrontational performances riddled with dark humour,

Punktastic Reveal Cash Cow As New Song From Blacklisters

The album is due for release later this year via Smalltown America, and follows their excellent 2012 album ‘BLKLSTRS’.

Cack & Blabbath Reveal Blacklisters New Song

Significantly, it saw fellow musicians, from 'Biffy Clyro' to 'Pig Destroyer', lauding 'Blacklisters' in the press and on radio.

Blacklisters Release New Track Cash Cow

'Blacklisters' have teased their sophomore album with the release of their new track "Cash Cow".

Blacklisters Are Streaming The First Single From Their Upcoming Album Adult

“We, Blacklisters have finally written a song so commercially viable, that money will literally fall out of the sky and into our eyes."

Blacklisters Unveil First Song From New Album

'Blacklisters' are set to release their second album later this year – but you can get a taste here on

Blacklisters Video 'Trickfuck' reviewed by Noisey

But, hey, this video is awesomely gross, and this song is really solid, sludgy punk full of heavy riffs, and clearly the world agrees with me based on the many thousands of views this video has gotten.

Blacklisters New Album Released Later This Year By Smalltown America

Since the release of their debut album in 2012, 'Blacklisters' have headlined tours in the UK and Europe, been invited to support the likes of Scratch Acid, Pig Destroyer, Future of the Left, Pelican and Big Business, and recorded a live session at Maida Vale studios for the Radio 1 Rock Show

Blacklisters return with second album 'Adult'

“Buried beneath the noise and feedback is a tightly coiled sense of dynamics, punctuated by angular shards of guitar…splendidly fucked up” – Kerrang!

Blacklisters sign to Smalltown America for New Album 'Adult'

Noise-rock quartet 'Blacklisters' have signed to Smalltown America for their forthcoming album. 'Adult', recorded in Suburban Home Studios in Leeds with producer Matt Johnson, aka MJ of Hookworms will be released later this year.

Blacklisters Announce Second Album Release

"We are extremely happy to announce that we will be joining Smalltown America to release our second album. Song tours, videos and stuff will come soon."

'Blacklisters' signed to Smalltown America for second album

Forthcoming record ‘Adult’ is a typically uncompromising affair, riddled with the band’s trademark, dark humour.

Blacklisters sign to Smalltown America

"Over the past few years, the Leeds quartet have deservedly earned their reputation as one of the UK’s most confrontational and aggressive live acts. We are thrilled to welcome them to the label"

New Signing: Blacklisters

We are delighted to welcome Blacklisters to the Smalltown America family.

Smalltown Bands On Tour In May 2015

Axis Of finish up their tour with Frank Iero and take to the road to headline some UK shows with label mates Carnivores; USA Nails join the celebrations at TGE and Blacklisters take to the stage as a newly signed STA band.

Camden Crawl Dublin Latest

Lets Buy Happiness, Blacklisters And Alpines Join LaFaro At STA's Dublin Camden Crawl Show

PSB Introducing: Blacklisters

With the tenth installment of Public Service Broadcast on its way, we are featuring one new band each week, for the next ten weeks. First up Leeds nu-core quartet Blacklisters.