Jukebox Review ' Yr So Fit (For Me)'

'Sunny, optimistic, romantic'

The third single from The Young Playthings is a mix of power pop and jukebox rock. "Yr So Fit (For Me)" was released on the 15th of May and features three different tracks in total. Each is another sunny, optimistic, romantic, nerdy narrative. Fans of The Replacments should definately give this a listen.

You can’t go far wrong with songs about teenage romances. "Yr So Fit (For Me)" collects Weezer guitar phrasing, Beachboys Harmonies and even style drumming into all-American wholesome pop. It’s music for proms, high school sweethearts and Indie kids. "Cold Cold Heart" hits the flip side of the coin. No less positive in terms of music but bitter sweet break ups and quick healing but scarred teenage hearts are the subject matter. "Life Is Great" features Rose Pipette on vocals. Summer holidays and time stretching out before you is packaged up neatly here.

The Young Playthings are good clean rock-pop fun. Get your sneakers on, head down to the drive-in and dance the night away.

“sunny, optomistic, romantic”

- Vikki, Jukebox